Artistic Fog

As we navigate our way though this pandemic fog, many artists have used this time to paint, write, sing… be the maker of things. It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year since we were forced to isolate, disconnect ourselves from our lives we have so carefully crafted. Artists need to connect with their environment in order to share those experiences . Some artists may be flourishing during this time, while others may be struggling. It definitely has been a time to reflect and perhaps over think our lives. How we have taken for granted the most essential aspects of what makes us happy. A well needed hug, a meal with family, a drink with friends, a slow dance, a handshake, laughing, the chatter of a crowded restaurant or concert hall..the list seems endless. I think the hardest part is that when we struggled with bouts of melancholy we reached out to these moments to lift us back up but covid has temporarily stole this from us. If we have learned anything from all of this when it is finally over is to embrace every beautiful moment you have with people, stop looking for the big grand events to happen. It is in the mundane that we realize how significant those connections are. And tell those you admire, love or secretly adore what you find enchanting about them.

During this time my work has been focused on water and sky, perhaps a way for me to get lost in the endlessness of it. A way to push away the anxiety of feeling stuck inside my home and head.

So to my fellow artists and friends keep creating your beautiful stories.

“A hand clasp to you”